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Air Freight

Air freight charges are normally very much higher than the cost for Sea freight, however, the size, weight and nature and urgency of your commodity is taken into consideration before an assessment is made. The life span of shipment and duration of movement is also taken into consideration. Airlines offer unaccompanied baggage and cargo services to any destination in the world and for almost any cargo. Bravopixexpress will apply and get approval for your Import and export permits or certificates whenever you require us to. We handle various cargo for air freight ranging from perishables, live cargo, urgent cargo, etc.

With our road feeder service, you can be sure that Bravopixexpress will be able to collect and deliver international airfreight cargo to and from South African countries notably Botswana, Lesotho, Swaziland, Zimbabwe, and Mozambique. When your shipments need to be there, our Air services have you covered. We can overnight your shipments anywhere in the world to maintain your supply chain and keep your customers happy. If you have a few days of flexibility, we can arrange for 2nd and 3rd day air services as well. Your shipments arrive on time at reasonable rates. Our extensive air fleet, global network and strong relationships with major commercial airlines mean that we are well-positioned to provide a wide range of aviation logistics services. The delivery of time-critical freight requires a fast, flexible transport solution. Moving freight by air connects cities, regions, and countries around the world to meet even the tightest schedules. We are able to deliver flexible, innovative aviation logistics services throughout our global network, working with our customers to determine the best transport mode or multi-modal requirements based on time limitations, cost and freight type.